Anne-Marie Schleiner is a gaming artist, writer, critic, and curator. Her work explores gaming and net culture; investigates avatar gender construction, computer gaming culture, hacker art and experimental game design.

As a gaming artist her works respond to existing popular video games, within which she identifies potential system hacks, so to hack the games servers, and having created coding and designs, Schleiner stages interventions on the original, interjecting her designs and characters within the original game through her coding, to subversive ends. These gaming interjections translate into the domain of performance art, whereby Schleiner has staged live performances in the streets of America as part of her gaming interjections, that are recorded and transmitted back into the server so that her performing body becomes an interjected character in the game she is disrupting.

Examples of such gaming art interjections include Velvet-Strike, 2002–2004; a collection of spray paints designed by Schleiner to use as graffiti on the walls, ceiling, and floor of the popular network shooter terrorism game "Counter-Strike". Velvet-Strike was conceptualized during the beginning of Bush’s "War on Terrorism" – and Operation Urban Terrain (O.U.T.), an urban wireless gaming intervention acted out in the streets of New York, which responded to the training of the US military by use of video games.

In other cases Schleiner will create her own games, typically with a political undertone such as Orridos, 2005 – an open source Blender car driving game inspired by a Mexican border folk song. Elsewhere Schleiner has created a network for a holographic 3D chat between Mexico City World Trade Center and Santa Martha Prison, Jardines Flotantes (Floating Gardens), 2007.

Her interventions, performances and gaming creations are political, and typically centered around U.S. politics and U.S. military ideology.

Anne-Marie Schleiner was born in Rhode Island, New York in 1970, she grew up in a place she describes as being like the Sims – typical cookie cutter America. She currently lives and works in Mexico City and is currently an Assistant Professor of Fine Art at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Her art works have been exhibited at prestigious international art spaces including Cornerhouse Galleries, Manchester, UK, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Ohio, Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castello, Spain, University of Colorado Art Museum, USA, Museum of Modern Art Linz, Austria, Exit Art Gallery, New York, The New Museum, New York, Museum of Photography, Mexico City. Her work was included in both the Whitney Biennial (New York, USA) and the Seoul Biennale (Seoul, South Korea) in 2004. Schleiner’s artwork is included in the collection of Walker Art Centre (Minneapolis, USA).